Massafra Industrial Group | Tecnologie che si completano
Massafra Industrial Group is born from the union of most representative firms in metallurgical field in Confindustria section of Taranto, and they are linked from will to get together own specializations in:

MECHANICS, for realizing iron and steel engines;
CARPENTRY, for realizing industrial plants;
OIL-PNEUMATICS, for enlivening industrial engines and plants;
AUTOMATION of industrial plants;
TRANSPORTATION RIBBONS for enlivening industrial raw materials.
Massafra Industrial Group | Tecnologie che si completano
This group is provided with own factories which have a global surface of 30.000 square metres, and the group is able to deal with ENGINEERING and complex industrial plants CONSTRUCTION in joined way, and to compete on a vaste scale in the following fields: METALLURGICAL - OIL AND CHEMICAL - PROCESS - ENERGETICAL - AERONAUTICAL, by the union of their contractor forces and by their resources which have an high technologic and specialized level that is attested from ownership of titles and certificates released by national and international Customers and Bodies Corporate.