Massafra Industrial Group | Tecnologie che si completano
Stoma Group, operating for over thirty year, is leader into design and construction of industrial plants and machines for steel mill, petrochemical, naval, railway, aereonautical and energy production industries.

The activities are developed into three factories having about 8000 square meters of covered area, out of 30000 total, located in Massafra (south Italy, very close to Taranto). The staff is composed by over 100 administrative and technical employees plus over 200 emplyees in outsourcing.

The group is specialized into construction of heavy and welded structures and into machining of structures of great dimensions thanks to a series of CNC milling machines able to works up to 12x8 meters.
Massafra Industrial Group | Tecnologie che si completano
The company offers services covering the entire produc process:

• Design and detail engineering
• Construction of heavy and welded structures
• Machining
• Construction of steel piping on plants or on board machines
• Construction and assembly of complex machines and plants including electrical parts
  and on board instruments
• Off-shore
• Construction of pressure vessels and heat exchanger
• Realization of plants and machines for production of photovoltaic and wind energy